A new seed sowing round

This time I am aiming for natural scarification / stratification.
6 pots of carpinus betulus
6 pots of larix kaempferi
6 pots of carpinus koreana
6 pots of  acer buergeranium
3 pots of betulus japonica
The master

The candidates

Acer, Larix and Carpinus seedlings

Of all the 32 pots with seeds, 13 seedlings has made it. This is a quite satisfying result considering my non-scientific approach to seed germination regarding the different species. The three species that made it through were:
  1. Acer Buergeranum * 3 (Trident maple)
  2. Larix Kaempferi * 1 [maybe 2] (Japanese Larch)
  3. Carpinus Koreana * 7

The rest of the seeds, 50 % of the original packages, will be sown in pots outside in a few days. I am aiming for natural scarification / stratification.

Red Trident Clump

Fagus in fall

Some details from the treasure beech. The colors are just incredible. The images does not represent this very well, but the weather and my digital camera could not provide better...

Our speciality, mis (spells)

Mame projects

40 days ago i cut off 20 or so tips from bushes and trees around in the neighbourhood. Now they have been standing in a glass of water but only one species has produced roots. I think it is some sort of cotoneaster but Im not sure.
Three of my new mame pots.
A rock to stabilize the stick.
A miniplant with flowers that was picked up from IKEA a while ago.

9 new mame pots

My new mame pots are ready, fresh out of the kiln at walsall studio ceramics. I am looking so forward to seeing them in real life. Take a look at their goods at http://www.walsall-studio-ceramics.co.uk/ .