Katzura Maple Spring Image

Newly aquired Erin Bonsai Pots

Your eyes ageless

Mirrors are penetrating
Shaping the world
By their reflection, embellishing it.
The edge of the woods in the distance
Becomes a moving temple, iridescent,
Celebrating the birth of spring.
And these huge mountains,
Aspire to join the heavens
Process in our heads,

The reality around us
Is that you have chosen
And your dream dress our sphere
On the ideal picture that unfolds
In the light of our eyes,
At the sound of your voice.

European Larch

My new larch in all its glory. Succesful yamadori from last summer/fall. Tree have been worked on 3 years before taken up from the ground. Originally a tree four meters high tree with almost no tapering at all. See earlier history of the tree to consider the development. Pot by Erin Bonsai.

First Repotting of the season

Before and after images of the Norwegian Maple, a bit early in the season considering the traditionally unstable weather we use to have in March. Decision made based on the last forecasts, the hardy species and that the buds looks ready to burst. 

Finally this "stick-in-a-pot" is beginning to look like something. The new pot is fresh from the stove of Erin Bonsai.