Please allow for ingorance of the Pink Big Duck

A christmas present from my 10 year old nephew, bought at vacation in Spain one week ago. My best one this year, but i guess it was deserved. He got the Karate Kid Extended Version Triology on DVD from me :)

After soaking the seeds for 24 hours in lukewarm water only 3 out of 5 did remain at the bottom of the glass, so quite a small amount of seeds was sown. But who knows. The package did not say a word about what specied it is, other than "indoor bonsai".

Christmas Tree: Spanish Fir sowing

This old garden tree of the species Abies Pinsapo has three or four trunk lines, which supports for the reaping of a christmas year every year. My car was parked under it during the last days heavy snowfall and i noticed a lot of seeds on the ground. Eager to "bonsai" I collected them, used some regular peet in a couple of pots and placed them in the garden of my girlfriends family.

Spanish fir detail:
Spanish fir as Christmas tree
An image from my "garden" on the first day of snow

Mames by Harry Harrington

Not my trees this time. I just want to post this link to a series of pictures on by Harry Harrington., theres a lot of great ideas here

Look at this amazing Juniperus Chinensis

Christmas Tree

My girlfriend just came home with a Chamaecyparis Th.. It will be used as Christmas decoration outside for now...

More info later on, but here are the speices guide from bonsai4me:

And a picture from the web showing the same species: