3 Larix Kaempferi summer 2010 seedlings group planting

These 3 seedlings are from the 2009/2010 seeding season, but they did not sprout before late spring -10. Wallsall studios drum pot.

Larix Kaempferi early winter 2010 seedling

Winter image of the only surviving japanese larch from the harsh winter of 2010. Thought this one was dead, but it started showing enourmous vigour during last season. From 2cm to appr. 15 cm in one season. This larch came from my first sowing season in late winter 2009.

Fuchsia late night virtual

Might not be a mighty jungle...

...but it is a jungle nevertheless.

These are some of my indoor trees, they are all thriving in 16 hours of plantlight from http://www.bonsaipotter.com , water trays to get high humidity levels and between 13 - 18 degree Celcius. They are fed weekly with high nitrogen fertilizer upon showing signs of growth.

Art sponsored by Njaard Myrlik. Welcome Home btw.
Chinese elm from http://www.bonsaipotter.com

Zelkova Zerrata from last years seeding season. Pot from wallsall studios.

Chinese pepper from http://www.bonsaipotter.com

Fuchsia "X" cutling from the big one. This speices grows ridicously fast from cutlings. Cut of fresh growth, stick it in a glass of water and let it stay in good lighting/humidity conditions for one month. Its that easy, you got a new tree!!! This one has grown 30 cm in 3 months. And they are in bloom constantly.