The akward larix

Height: 450 mm Trunk width: 31 mm (just over the nebari) Last years yamadori, it is still going strong. The top branches are very vigorous, but no backbudding on the trunk as for now. Pinching and pruning will keep them coming i hope. Dont know if backbudding is very usual on these species but there is something coming out of the trunk 10 - 12 places further down, so maybe. Anyway, next year I have two promising larch yamadoris ahead so I will give it until then. Come on Larch, backbud.

Willow catkin

Height: 150 mm Trunk width: 2,5 mm At first i thought this one to be a azure maple, since it was growing from the Acer Ginalla container, but i later found out its a willow. Informal upright is the planned style. Its too small to wire yet, but maybe it will receive some initial bud/leaf removing pretty soon. Standard biorksoil and organic fertilizer has it growing fast.

Treasure beech

Height: 700 mm Trunk width: 15 mm (just over the little lump at the nebari) Growing according to plan, slow but accurate. Still following the guide from (the advanced beech-pruning) The clue is keep new shoots down. After growing to 4-5 leaves i cut away so that only two leaves remain on each shoot. The wiring has made the wood solid, so it will soon be removed. Now if it would only produce some new shoots further down the trunk... There are some promising buds so time will show.

Macro desktop of treasure beech

03.06.09: Macro from the rim of the pot
1024 * 768

Rowan growing

Height: 270 mm Trunk width: 8.5 mm (just over the little lump at the nebari) Here is a little update on the small rowan i found in the high up in the branchjoin of some big beeches nearby. It will be repotted into standard standard biorksoil and a new pot nex year. I have been somewhat confused about what to do with it. At first I thought i would just let it grow wildly this year until autumn and then prune it down but the growth became so vigorous that i decided to wire, pinch the biggest leafpairs back to 2 to 6 leaves and cut back the biggest/highest branches. The large leafpairs cut back to four leaves
Wiring of new branches
What I should look for in this small tree is really to thicken the trunk so maybe I should have waited after all. The branches of rowan are very flexible so pruning back branches in august may be a better way to reach this goal. But restraining the growth will produce more shoots on the trunk so it is a compromise.

Tree measurements

DATE MEASURED / HEIGHT / WIDTH Small rowan 03.06.09 270 - 8,5 Norwegian maple 03.06.09 385 - 8,5 Birch yamadori 03.06.09 630 - 25 Beech yamadori 03.06.09 700 - 15 Larix yamadori 03.06.09 450 - 31 Salix Caprea seeded 03.06.09 150 - 2,5 Cotoneaster yamadori 03.06.09 240 - 12

Picasa mashup

The greatest of photographers, I am not. The pictures share, download you can. At will. Click on the desktop you want and then rightclick the image and choose "Use as desktop image", or sumtin...
03.06.09: Collage of my trees
1680 * 1050 px

Siberian Maple going Moyogi: Step 1

Earlier, at for the time being last workshop in Stavanger Bonsaiforening, I repotted this Acer Ginalla due to the soggy mud it was residing in. It is also infected with some red fungus that it cant seem to get rid of. The tree has therefore been subject to hard trunkchopping and have also had much of the infected wood removed. The fungus seems to have calmed down in the much looser and welldraining Moler/Gravel (standard BiorkSoil) that it was repotted into. I will try to follow some regular maple training on this. Giving it a new leader each or every second year, and also keep one branch at the new leaders startpoint, I hope to style it as a "MOYOGI" (Informal Upright style).
I need thinner wire fo the affection of the trees!!! Almost broke the branch because of this. Now august awaits for some cut-back of the mainleader and the new branch. Ganbatte!

Birch behaving

Publishing a new video of the birch. Its setting nicely in its new pot in comparison to the "large" beech (last year yamadori) which I am almost sure is dead. Either the repotting was done a bit early, or the tree was dead already. Im giving it a few more months before the garbage bin.
The birch however is continuing the strong growth from last year.
Before trimming
After trimming
Im trimming all the new shoots high in the apex to cultivate the lower branches and maybe building som new ones.
The nebari is getting whiter by the day, and I think its good for a tree collected last year.

Cotoneaster Cimmering

Still just a stick in a pot, but a vigorous one it is, yes. Lots of new shoots and branches. Pinched away yellow leaves and left two leaves on the highes branches, except the new leader (next pic). Yet to show real bonsai material, but time is all we got.