And here is Mike with the weather

Big zero; stokkavannet, hålandsvannet, hafrsfjord rundt: 36.24 km.

Merida Hybrid, 14.2 kg. Avg speed: 22.3 km/h.

Bros Magic 29', 9.8 kg. Avg speed: 26.8 km/h.

Same wind/temperature conditions.

4 prince light cigarettes each evening before measurement day after.

And now: a zip of cognac:)

Hazel leaf removal

Before and after images of a leaf removal round on the hazel

American "maple" still hanging on

Gift from Trygve (Norway maple no 2)

This new tree was picked up from the ground on the exact same day as my youngest daughter was born and is a gift from a friend of mine.The exact same friend that gave me a IKEA bonsai as birthday present five years ago and thereby inspired my interest for Bonsai. Pot by Wallsall studios. (also included in the gift)

Two Austrian Pines repotted

Atropurpureum repotted

This maple is possible the weakest tree in my collection, this year another stem had to be pruned away because of dieback. Last resort for this fake red maple. Pretty bound to its pot, a lot of roots where pruned away and the tree were also barerooted to bring possible new vigour.

Katzura Maple Spring Image

Newly aquired Erin Bonsai Pots

Your eyes ageless

Mirrors are penetrating
Shaping the world
By their reflection, embellishing it.
The edge of the woods in the distance
Becomes a moving temple, iridescent,
Celebrating the birth of spring.
And these huge mountains,
Aspire to join the heavens
Process in our heads,

The reality around us
Is that you have chosen
And your dream dress our sphere
On the ideal picture that unfolds
In the light of our eyes,
At the sound of your voice.