Beech workshop report

New soil and a new pot for the beech. The root mass after just one year was not by far as impressive as the birch, but I guess this is a matter of the species. Not 100% sure about this pot, but as the only decent alternative at the time it will do. Admit the improvement. Next repotting of this tree will be more focused on this. To the master I am just a beginner, to the beginner I am still a beginner.

Birch workshop report

Five trees were repotted at the workshop. The birch has been repotted, later this year it may be subject of hard pruning, but for now its OK.
International Bonsai Forum thread about this tree.

Birch, what to do

This is another yamadori from early summer 2008. It has responded well to its new semi-draining environment. When found it was standing in very soggy ground so maybe it was a good idea with this soil. 50 % cat litter and 50 % plant-compound. There is so many new shoots and starting branches so high hope is involved with this one.
Tomorrow it will be taken this to the workshop at miljøparken. Hopefully someone can help me figure out what and if anything should be done with this now.
I have also posted it on the international bonsaiforum in hope of getting some tips.

Old picture of small rowan

My first yamadori ever - 2007

Summer 2008-Details
Ready for winter up in the attic december 2007.
Yamadori 2007

This was my first yamadori. Me and Trygve went out into the forest and came back with a few pines and scrubs. None of it were real bonsai-material, but this scrub has made it through all my amateur-treatment and therefore I like it. It has been repotted 2 times and now resides in standard soil mix.

Siberian Maple Repotted

This sibrian maple and its (maybe) little sister (not a little sister, it is a SALIX CAPREA, 2.june 2009) has been standing in what smelled like horseshit since I bought this tree last year. Knowing what I know now I should have repotted and pruned it right away. Due to its soggy environment it has caught some sort of fungus and it also turned out that 25 % of the root system was pluck rotten. The standard soilmix it resides in now will be much better, if only it survives.