Trygves trees

Yesterday i went to visit an old friend of mine, Trygve, to catch up on old times and check the progress on his trees. Since he doesnt have much time for blogging (nudge nudge) I asked him if I could take some pictures and post here. It is late in the evening and therefore the light conditions are pretty far from optimal. Trygves first birch. A giant thing reaching a height of 1 metres. it will need some serious backbudding to become a bonsai. I really think you should repot this thing and use some pinching techniques for birches later in the season. Birches must be watered and fed very aggresively (in comparison to other species) to avoid dying of branches as well. It would be a pity to see that happen to this tree. It doesnt take much imagination to make a virtual of the lower part of the trunk as seen on this first image. Mame Acer. This maple was "yamadored" on the same day as my youngest daughter Lykke was born. So its special. 6 cm in height and already a decent trunk.
Another acer of some sort. I dont know what subspecies it is.
Siberian maple, Trygves traning maple for pinching and pruning of acers. It has received a lot of sun last days and seemes somewhat tired. But it has a dense apex and very short internodes for a siberian maple.
I absolutely love this small birch. The rectangular blue pot i think is perfect for the strong green color on the leaves right now. I will apply the moss techinque to my birch as well. I think its beautiful.

Øyvinds trees 1

A couple of days ago me and Øyvind gave this atropurpureum (originally from Jan Olav) an overhaul. It grows insanely fast and needs constant pinching and pruning. Here are some before / after - images.

Øyvinds trees 2

Here is another trainer acer that Øyvind got last year. I think its an Ozakazuki. It has a nice phat trunk and seems vigorous. A lot of new shoots on this one.

Its growing.

Dunno what this is, but its growing the same
(edit 7 april, 2009) According to Mirek Halatin at the int. forum it must be a Cotoneaster.

Birch in bloom (movie)

Now i know how to upload movies as well. GJ