Austrian Pine taking the lead

The Pinus Nigra species has germinated in all three approaches. All the seeds were checked and put into the fridge this evening. I saw that several of the 18 Pinus Nigra had germinated and the rest of them looked swollen, so a cold strat is not needed. According to the seed packet this species should stay for up to 3 months in the fridge before germinating, so I guess they just got lucky after the initial soaking and a week of warm strat. Not only has the Austrian Pines in the bag germinated but also 5-6 of the seeds that were sent directly from soaking into the big/little seed trays has erected.

It was time to prepare a new seed tray with 84 pots in it. All the seeds that are up for cold strat will sooner or later earn their place there, but for now only the Austrian Pine seedlings are inhabiting. I filled up the tray with a soil mix consisting of 80 % seed starter mix and 20 % moler and then soaked it from underneath. The, on top of that, the mixture in the bag consisting of Vermicullite and the Pine  seeds.