Dead neighbour's maltracted 'nonameyet' species yamadori

Can you see the way this tree was begging me for rescue? There will definetly be some interesting dremeling on this one, in some abstract Lenz way. Responded to the extreme updigging very good regarding that almost 95-98 % of the root-system was removed with a coarse saw. Seems it is growing even better in this pot than in the ground. It may be a cotoneaster of some kind. Nebari is about 9-10 cm. Suggestions to age and species will be greatly appreciated.

Notice the five fingered hand reaching upwards. Maybe there are someone down there?

Fuchsia updates

Myrliks Fuchsia, 3 cutlings from the main tree..

Biork Photo Bonsai Bonanza

For the next two weeks I will be publishing updates on most of my outdoors trees every day, so stay tuned for more bonsai madness.

Red Maple Update