Auto-Water System

Going 14 days on summer holiday. My Hozelock system will ensure 4 daily waterings a 5 minutes everyday starting from noon tomorrow. :) Should have had some time-lapse video, that wouldve been king to monitor. For now I am counting on really really good neighbours for this. Happy holidays everyone...

New Erin Pots

New Pots From Erin Bonsai

Two new pots from Erin Bonsai on their way.

Oval Pot from Erin Pottery. Size 13"x9.25"x3" approx

Oval Pot from Erin Pottery. Size 10.25"x7.25"x1.75" approx

My experience is that once the pots are in place, my visions of what trees fits, change, so not sure, but at the time of ordering I was thinking the 13'' pot for the birch, and the other for the Acer Palmatum (in the blue plastic pot currently)

meet your death Mr. Bugs

Today I noticed several of my maples where infested with thousands of these nifty little creatures. Not sure what they are, approx. 0.5 - 0.8 mm big. Kind of nice insects I would say, somewhat more metal than your regular ladybug. Likeable regardless, they must die. As allways suggestions to what species it can be are allways welcome.

Since I am a homegrown kind of guy without immediate access to my car at the time being, I have found a standard recipe for several sorts of aphids that will be used as soon as the solution has cooled down a bit:

1. 2 l. Hot Water.
2. 40 ml. Green Soap.
3. Let Cool Down
4. 100 ml Red Spirit.

Should be sprayed on stem, leaves and substratesurface.