Old Tjikko & a collected smaller spruce

While searching for species detalis on wiki i also found this interesting article about the worlds oldest "standalone" tree which is of the same species as my little spruce, well worth a look. 9550 years is pretty impressive I think. : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Tjikko

Pot by wallsall studios.

The slowgrowing beeches

Most bonsaiists I know have reported limited growth on all fagus species. Extremely slow growth on my beeches, spanning from spring and steadily producing leaves until mid-november. Strange. In addition these trees are tourniqated just below the soil for a better nebari in the future, so this may have added to en extra slow growth this year. Of all trees I have i find the beech to be the hardest to understand, but Im still hoping to crack the code. If only the temperature would keep as calm as now these trees may explode during the spring..  

Why keep? Why Not?

The cutling from my first Larch transplanted to a trainee pot for growth. 
Ugly Bugly. 

Siberian Maple

Siberian Maple Cutling Update

Reaching for the crown

Suspect this one to be a Cotoneaster of some kind, but have not investigated further. Suggestions are appreciated on this one.

Hazel Update