Korean Hornbeam

New tree, aquired from http://www.bonsaipotter.com september 2011. Imported from the Netherlands the same month. This tree is a korean yamadori from the late eighties according to Jan Olav at Bonsaipotter. 

Also on my watchlist for cold norwegian winters.

"Carpinus turczaninowii /Korean hornbeam Less vigorous form reaching 10metres when mature native to Japan, Korea and China, very small leaves and delicate, branching growth pattern has orange-red Autumn colour. Needs some protection from winter cold and loses lower branches when weakened." - From "Species Guide" at bonsai4me.com. 

Katzura Maple Bonsai Fall Update

On the list of trees to be taken inside if temp drops below 7. Has its first full on norwegian winter. (Which by the way seems to be the mildest in years :) )

Redwood Bonsai

2 small giants left.

Bonsai Haiku and Japanese Red Maple Update

Still pretty thin-leaved after the pruning this spring. Curious to how it will respond to a full on norwegian winter. Normal precautions below ten degrees. 

Before fall pruning:

After fall pruning:

This is blog post number 200 from BIORK bonsai. Celebrations kept in the still. Here a little ad-hoc haiku to honour my readers:

Norsk dialekt (7-5-7)
Koppen bli fort kald ude,
Ngen tre vil inn.
Ikkje kaldt nok for resten.

The coffe cup gets cold quick outside,
Some trees are taken inhouse.
Not cold enough for the rest of them.


Dont blame google translate, blame me.

Torsøy Pine

Responding good to the pot transplant having buds at all branches. Pot by Victor Harris at Erin Bonsai 

Japanese Purpur Maple

This group planting has experienced some dieback of branches etc. due to change of environment from previous owner which had a warmer overall climate for his trees than what I allow mine to have. But it has finally settled and is looking more fit than ever regarding next spring. It is full of buds close to the trunk.

Japanese Maple

2012s reppoting and new growth will have this maple look like a bonsai in no time. Next year will be a blast.

Before fall pruning

 After fall pruning:

Japanese grey bark Elm repotted and left out in the cold

"All your elms are belong to us."
 Planning to keep this tree outside this winter. Normal precautions, but no default inhouse of my second elm either.

Chinese Elm left out in the cold

The Chinese Elm (also called "Lacebark Elm") was kept indoors last winter, but will remain outside this winter. I will take the regular precautions if the temp drops below 10.


Looking at the below image there is room for expanding of the crown. It can easily take 35-40% expansion in all directions and even look more like a tree in nature. If it survives, mohahahaha!

Mother Fuchsia

Cutling from Mother Fuchsia before and after pruning

Cutling taken during last winter. Like all cutlings from the mother it grows with vigour. Needs shelter when -10 celsius. Only species I won that will be kept indoors during winter time.

Du riechst so gut!

Austrian Pines

Here are the remaining 7 Pinus Nigras, rest of them were given away to my good bonsaifriends, Myrlik and Gymir. 

Growing pines from seeds is a slow process.