My nine year old Rowan


Its been almost 2 years since I posted a blog in here so I think its time to posting some updates.

I have been moving quite a lot from place to place after my divorce, but have now settled with a new family, with two of my children and three children of my new girlfriend.

This place is much better suited to keep bonsai, but it is quite windy here. Anyway as always my trees will just have to keep up with the climate and the weather, and most of them have. A few losses; but I still have a total of 17 trees.

I will continue posting the progress of each tree individually, for those unfamiliar with this check out the menu on the right side --->> Called "My projects". These tags contain all posts for each individual tree. For instance this nine year old rowan has a total of 17 images, showing the progress over the years.

I hope you enjoy my approach to this art, do not hesitate to contact me for any bonsai-related questions. I am also currently selling quite a large amount of insanely, fantastic hand-made bonsai pots from 2 different potteries in the UK. (Erin Bonsai and Wallsall Studios). Contact me for images and price-list.

If you live nearby I am also open to sell specific specimens, but only to the right person, for the right price.

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