Birch Development

The birch is doing well and is showing no sign of last years fungus. It is being allowed to dry up somewhat more than the other trees when watering and is also fertilized heavily to boost the immune system. The plan is that this and keeping the mosturization to a minimum will give the fungus lesser living conditions.

All shoots are beeing cut down to 2 leaves as soon as they reach appr. 4-5 leaves. This has left it producing a second flush of shoots in only three weeks after the first pinch. The biggest issue with this birch is to balance the apex more. There is a "hole" in the tree wich looks unnatural.

Øyvinds Maple

Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum.

Partly survived the hard winter. Two trunks are having problems budding, but there are signs of life.

My Common Hazel

Succesful 2010 spring yamadori. Strategy: Leave all branches down to the 3 last buds and leave it to grow.

6 Limes

Got 6 Limes at a bargain from Plantasjen late autumn last year. They have been tourniquted and stuck down into one and same pot for thickening.

Taxus Development

Slowbudded, no experience with this species. A few dead branches from the winter, but mainly OK.

Biork Spring Collage Movie

Pine Development

The pine is growing really strong this year. By pinching the strongest candles when the needles elongate, and doing the same with weaker parts of the tree a couple of weeks later, the backbudding plan is continued. Less water, much sun and no fertilizer until the new needles are fully out.

Spanish Fir seedlings with a Berberis cutling

Two seedlings from the christmas tree sowing i did last winter. Also this Berberis stick was standing beside them and ended up in the same pot.

Norwegian Maple

Rowan Development

The rowan is still doing well. All shoots except from the uppermost has been pruned down to two or three leaves. Also all the leaves are down to 4 to 2 leaf-pairs according to strength of the branch. Hopefully this will produce more backbudding. The pot was a mistake regarding the size of the tree. Should have had a bigger pot to increase the trunk thickness. .

Mispel Development

The mispel has responded well to this years repotting and is starting to produce flowers. My first flowering bonsai apart from the Fuchsia Cutling that is. No pruning or pinching this year is the reason for the flowering I guess.

Siberian Maple Development

Siberian Maple #1 coming nicely. Has been wired and will be pruned the following days.

Siberian Maple Development

Siberian Maple #1 coming nicely. Has been wired and will be pruned the following days.

Siberian Maple Cutling

Cutling from Siberian Maple

More Seedlings

Pinus Nigra (Austrian Pine) seedling from this years sowing project. (20 in total)

Sequiadendron Giganteum (American Redwood) seedling. (5-6 in total)
Larix Kaempferi (Japanese Larch) from last years sowing project. One germinated and also had the guts to outlive the harsh Norwegian winter in a tiny 1 inch pot with only Moler/Spaghnum moss in it. I guess it will be very hardy in years to come. Repotted this year. Three new seedlings of the same species germinated this spring after overwintering as seeds outside and germinating naturally.

Larix Deadwood Successor

A result from last years pruning of the now dead bigger Larix. Was cut off and placed in another pot. Rooted through the year. The Deadwood Larix is Dead, long live the Larix.

Torsøy Sylvestris

This little devil was collected on a family trip to the beautiful island of Torsøy some 5 minutes outside the city of Flekkefjord. Its doing quite allright.

Japanese Serrata

4 Zelkova Serrata from seeds grouped together in a pot from walsall studios. These specie will most likely need extra protection in the wintertime, but for now, its standing outside. It has received an initiate pruning, and new buds are swelling on all four seedlings at the pruning point..

Japanese Maple

Training material, earlier this spring it was tranplanted to a new plastic training pot. In two years time this maple will be transplanted to a shallower bonsai pot.

Today I wired some branches and pruned back the top of the tree, (ca 50% of the top), so that the tapering will look more natural.

Biork Bonsai June 2009 Mashup

1600 * 1000

Blogpost 101


My blogpost no. 101.

Seedling from propagated seed, Liquidambar Styraciflua, The american maple

A future double mini standard Fuchsia

This is a cutling from a much bigger Fuchsia I got as a present from a friend. The main Fuchsia almost died becaues of poor soil (in fact the main tree is slowly recovering), but it turned out that this specie readily propagates from cutlings. I cut of a 7 mm thick hardened branch with two leaf-pairs on it and put it in a glass of water in my basement greenhouse. Three weeks later the glass was full of new fleshy roots.

The transplantation into the new soil has left it with a tremendous growth, which stagnated a bit when put outside.

However  it has rewarded me with two pink bells which has just started to open into a purple inside. I will make a macro picture of the flower later.

There is a huge society that deals with all kinds of Fuchsias. Their traditions, goals and standards differ a lot from bonsai. Allthough it is fully possible to use this species as a bonsai I will try to make this one into what he fuchsia people call a "mini standard". Since my Fuchsia clearly has two stems it will be a double mini standard.

If you are interested in what a "standard" is look here:

The measurements aimed for in this one is:

Clear stem not to be less than 6” (154mm) or exceed 10” (255mm)

Beech Update

Continuing to prune back new shots to 2 leaves (on strong buds) and 3 leaves (on weak buds). still aiming for ramificatin and backbudding.

Rest In Peace

COD: Cold Winter
Salix Caprea
Trident Maple
COD: Hard Pruning, working on Dead Wood too early in the season.
Larix Decidua